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“Imagine a system that scans the attendee and automatically sends all valuable data, such as what breakout sessions he attended or whether he took a goodie bag, towards your CRM system. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take the right action when you see in your CRM system that a (potential) customer is spotted on a particular booth or registered for breakout session during an event?”

Who are we?

Get to know us

Scanman is a product developed by 7dots.

7dots is a Salesforce partner in The Netherlands & Belgium specialized in the implementation of solutions from Salesforce like Sales Cloud, Pardot, CPQ, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, field service lightning, App Cloud, Analytics and implements Marketing Cloud.

Back in 2015, 7dots came up with a solution of integrating Salesforce in an IOS-supported scan application.

After two years of development and succeeding in several real events with thousands of attendees made 7dots decide to launch the application for public usage world-wide.

What is Scanman

Discover what Scanman does

Scanman is an QR-code and badge management application that allows you to scan your attendees multiple times at different locations during your events.

It can be seen as the perfect tool for event organizers who care about entry management.

This is done to get a 360 degree view of your attendees needs and interests during your event and makes sure your sales crew has all the required information they need for the follow up! Scanman can synchronize with other devices using the Scanman app and allows you to scan online and offline.

Scanman delivers presence-reporting per event or per individual session/scan location. Attendee info can be uploaded upfront so you can check your guest list, payed tickets, … (ex. once and single entry with a payed ticket) Easy to use on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.


Why use Scanman

  • Scan online & offline
  • Scan attendees multiple times during your event
  • Integrated with CRM solutions like Salesforce
  • No more excel sheets needed
  • Real time updates
  • Clear and easy looking interface
  • Follow your event remotely
  • Lightning fast scanning due to IOS optimization
  • Synchronizes with other devices
  • Gathers only for you important information
“The leads you create during your event are at the fingertips of your sales crew”


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